About us

My experience first started back in 2000 when my wife and I decided to buy a soft shell turtle and put it in a little aquarium in the house. After a few days we decided to get a larger aquarium for the soft shell and get some more turtles to go in the smaller one. As the next couple of weeks went on we had expanded to four large aquariums and 29 turtles. I then decided to build a pond and move the whole family of turtles outside. Over half of the turtles escaped the pond the first day and ran away. The pond turned out so good that I decided to start building ponds and waterfalls for other people to make some extra money. Then what was a hobby evolved into a business. I was using top of the line pond equipment and worked close with Southern California's largest pond equipment supplier. My first few years went so well and by then I was doing all phases of landscaping including irrigation, sod, plants, concrete, decks, etc. After doing this for six years I then went to work for a large sprinkler and landscape company, out of the Los Angeles area, doing commercial irrigation and landscape for the LA Unified School District and some LA based colleges. There is where I got my experience for large landscape and construction project management.

My wife and I then decided to relocate to Big Bear Lake. I started working with a local well established landscaping contractor. There I was the crew leader for three years and learned the local Big Bear Lake landscaping standards such as plants that work in this region, proper water flow (since Big Bear Lake has so much rain in the summer and snow in the winter) and sprinkler winterization, just to name a few.

In 2011 I decided to go back out on my own and get my California State Contractors License C-27 #966173. We built a great client base our first year by providing excellent service and working close with them. We now have a crew of other experienced landscapers that have been Big Bear Lake residents for several years and know the area very well. My continued education of landscaping and taking certification classes like Proper Retaining Wall Building from ORCO Block has given me the edge I need to provide quality work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website,
Justin Roberts Landscape & Construction